Who are we ?

African Empowerment Centre (AEC


The African Empowerment Centre (AEC) is a NON- Governmental, NON- Political And NON- Religious organization, which was established in Stockholm Sweden, by a group of young people who have strong passion for immigrants and youths.It was founded in 2008 as the Nigerian Information Centre. We realized soon a broader interest for our organization and respond to it with the name “African Empowerment Centre” since 2010. The organization works primarily to foster closer cooperation and better understanding among young people. It offers a place for encounter and cooperation of NGOs, communities and organizations working on integration between all citizens regardless of ethnic background, religion, physical or mental disability, sex, age or sexual orientation..

Our main aim


is to empower the youth and to help in addressing the growing needs of young immigrant, youth training and Information Centre for newcomers. The association’s work is anchored in these key concepts: Integration, democracy & culture, development, education and information.We search the creation of arenas as well as engagement in a constant developing dialogue and reasoning. The African Empowerment Centre concentrates in its work on: Information and advocacy, Education on Cultural diversity, Human rights and Social responsibility. Our work will be based on long-term partnership with NGOs, local and national governments that share the same aspirations and views in our projects. We work together through mobilization of information, education, and cultural and social activities.

What we have accomplished already.


The AEC carried out various activities in fields of education, exchange and raising awareness. Some of our achievements are: A newcomer seminar and two boat cruises, around Stockholm and to Finland, gave opportunities to meet and offered new social and cultural experiences for the participants. · We organized the seminar “Motivation of African Immigrants for a better Social Integration in Sweden” together with Sensus, and “Focus on African Immigrants in Sweden” in cooperation with the MKFC Stockholm College. · In cooperation with the Etnografiska Museet, Stockholm we launched Africa Day (20th Feb. 2010) & AfrikaSthlm:Now! (4th Sept. 2010). .


Empowerment for the political and civic participation of young migrants


Empowerment for the political and civic participation of young migrants

In Europe and in the world a demanding challenge – migration, is putting in our society a huge pressure. We believe nevertheless, that migration and in particular young migrants can be an added value for the development of our countries and communities. For these reason 9 organizations active on the field of youth work from Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cape Verde, Guinnea-Bissau, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe have decided to develop a long term cooperation project.

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Upcoming Events

CONNECT: - Empowerment for the political and civic participation of young migrants


International Seminar

An conference will be organized in Portugal in order to share our project outcomes but also to increase the political and institutional impact. During the 3 days Conference where 30 participants coming from our partner countries will be the project participants, local and regional authorities with responsibilities... [+]

9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Stockholm, Sweden..

Training course

The training course will be achieve in Cape Verde during 6 days, where 20 participants with the support of a team of 2 experienced trainers in non formal education, advocacy and youth participation will experience an intense learning process that will enable them to develop the competences to efficiently plan...[+]

9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Cape Verde - Africa.
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